Soon will be released by the Italian ARTE BISTRO the special compilation "The Progeny of The Abyss: Chapter 1 - Rituals of Passage" It includes21 tracks, 2 CDRi, 2 hours and 30 min - The album is based on the extraordinary works by H.P.Lovecraft, on the occasion of the 70 years from his death! Don't lose this unique release!

Limited edition in 300 copies numbered on black CD, with cover art, 5 postcards and a poster of the Brazilian artist Edgar Franco. POSTHUMAN TANTRA participate with the exclusive track: "The Cthulhu Creatures Recreated By The Occult Biotech Masters" (6:26). The compilation also includes tracks from the dark ambient industrial bands: ABANDONED SHELTER (Bulgaria), AHASVERUS (Svezia), CHAOTICUM (USA), LA SORCIÈRE NOIR (USA), KREUZER (Israel), KREYK (Italy), MELEK-THA (France), NIGHT IN AGARTHA (Italy), NIMHEIL (Australia), SKY OF YUGGOTH (Malta), PHAENON (USA), THE UNQUIET VOID, TRAMA AGONA (Italy), URM AT-TAWIL (Germany). See below the cover art created by Edgar Franco:


"Neocortex Plug-in" is out!

See details of the great production behind the album:

“Neocortex Plug-in”, the first POSTHUMAN TANTRA album is a “Sci-Fi Ambient Industrial” music project created by the multimedia artist Edgar Franco which has been just released in Switzerland by Legatus Records. The POSTHUMAN TANTRA previously released a demo and participated in sample collections from Italy, Austria and Brazil. The band also produced the albums “Kelemath Trilogy” and “Asylum of Slaves” together with the legendary French death ambient band “Melek-Tha”, both were released in France. Due to the positive reception of these works, the band signed a contract with the Legatus Records to release its debut and become one of the first Brazilian bands of ambient/industrial style to sign a contract with an European record label.

“Neocortex Plug-in” is POSTHUMAN TANTRA's first full-length CD and counts with an excellent production. It was mastered in the renowned BWS studios, in Switzerland, where bands like Lordren, Rod's'in Molly, Scush, Gargula Valzer, Infinite Dreams, Black Jade, Morgat, Delirium, Dark Moon and Chapter Seven also had their albums mastered.

The album counts with the very special participations of dark ambient and industrial scene musicians Lord Evil from “Melek-Tha”, the renowned Japanese cyberpunk writer and musician Kenji Siratori, Mike Vonlanthen from the respected Swiss band of EBM “TransZendenZ”, among other special guests such as the Brazilian comics author Gazy Andraus, who briefly collaborates with vocals in one of the tracks.

The multimedia track “Game-o-tech 2.0”: New HQtrônica

Besides the 11 songs that compose the musical part of“Neocortex Plug-in”, the album offers a special multimedia track with a HQtrônica (electronic comics) which includes an animation with sound track both created by Edgar Franco – known for his work as a comics designer and author and researcher of comics, Franco released comic books like Agartha and BioCyberDrama, which was created together with Mozart Couto and was awarded the Angelo Agostini prize. The multimedia track called “Game-o-tech 2.0” brings some reflections on the ways genetic hybridization and its exploitation by futuristic industrial trusts might take.

Concepts involved in the creation of “Neocortex Plug-in”

The topic of all songs involve the impact between a possible relationship we might have with technological advances and transcendence. The POSTHUMAN TANTRA is the musical evolvement of the artistic researches on multiple media of Edgar Franco, Phd in arts by the University of São Paulo (USP). His thesis “Post-human perspectives in the Cyberarts” was prized by the Itaú Cultural Center's project “Rumos Pesquisa 2003” in São Paulo.

The POSTHUMAN TANTRA has been conceptually influenced by the work of visionary artists who reflect on the imminent post-human condition, such as Orlan, H. R. Giger, Mark Pauline, Natasha Vita-More, Stelarc, Roy Ascott, Diana Domingues, Eduardo Kac, David Cronenberg, and also by aspects of movements like The Extropy, Transhumanism and Immortalism. The techno-transcendentalist vision is inspired by thinkers as R.A.W., Terence MacKenna, Buckminster Fuller, Teilhard de Chardin, Aldous Huxley, Madame Blavatsky, John C. Lilly, Tim Leary, Giordano Bruno, John Dee, Gurdjief, A.O.Spare, William Blake, Rupert Sheldrake, Ken Wilber, P.K.Dick, Crowley, Stanislav Grof, among others. On the musical side its most representative influences are "Lustmord", "Melek-Tha", "Napalmed", "Mental Destruction", "Stalaggh", "Brighter Death Now", "Antimatter", "Merzbow", "Manes", "Bad Sector", "Current 23", "Loop B","A Irmandade", "Each Second", "SMES", "Midnight Syndicate", "All Scars Orchestra","Seven Pines", "Thy Veils", "Ulver", "Agaloch", "Aesthetic Meat Front", "Beyond Sensory Experience","Tangerine Dream", "Pink Floyd", "Coph Nia, and others.

Two outstanding tracks of the album and the concepts behind them:

Glorification of our Nanotechpain - this dense and obscure track deals with the menaces posed by a technological rationalist possibility: the development of nanorobts, which are firstly created to erradicate diseases and later are produced illegally in large scale in order to spread new illnesses and make the future drug industry even more powerful due to the comercialization of “antidote nanorobots”. In other words, it's about high technology alied to the old human egoism. It's an obscure and egocentric way to be followed, I hope we won't.

Visions from the Abyssal Neurogenetic Circuit - This track is about the possibilities of trance being reached through virtual reality, about technological trances similar to those caused by hallucinogens. Trances that might be able to make us reach the universal truths through our Neurogenetic Circuit (existent in the DNA). This track de als with the discovery of the cosmic conscience with help of technology. It is inspired on the thoughts of Roy Ascott & Robert Anton Wilson. It's a possible way I hope we'll be able to follow.


New track on POSTHUMAN TANTRA Myspace "Artificial Creatures' in Coma" :


Read an interesting interview with POSTHUMAN TANTRA for the site Alliance of Thorns


The first limited edition (only 25 numbered copies)of ASYLUM OF SLAVES (triple album) is solt out! Soon will be released by LORD EVIL the new edition (2 CDs/ 100 hund numbered copies).


"Neocortex Plug-in" Cover Artwork created by Edgar Franco:


The recordings for the first POSTHUMAN TANTRA's pro full-lenght album "Neocortex Plug-in" is finished. Now the album will be mastered in the Switzerland studio BWS.

See here the track -list:

1 - The Omega Neocortex (4:34”).

2 - Visions From The Abyssal Neurogenetic Circuit (3:49”).

3 - Glorification Of Our Nanotechpain (8:20”).

4 - Downloading My Universal Conscience By Cyber Pulmonary's Pranayama (4:20”).

5 - Biotech Antenna To Receive Morfic Resonances From The Mu Continent (3:50”).

6 - The Biocybershamans' Cosmic Vortex Cult (5:03”).

7 - My Eternal Avatar (2:01”).

8 - Revelations Of The Absinthe Simulator's Nanochip (6:43”).

9 - Hymn In Praise Of The new Hyper Conscience Receptacles - The Flesh Rottens And Disappears, Image And Memory Still Remain (6:38”).

10 – Insonho (11:09”).

11 - The Immortalists' New Horizon (3:36”).

12 – Game-o-Tech 2.0 – MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE TRACK (for computers).



GREAT NEWS! POSTHUMAN TANTRA are finishing the records to the first oficial full-lenght album "NEOCORTEX PLUG-IN". Our label LEGATUS RECORDS already define the release date : april 13 - 2007. The tracks included some special participations of Lord Evil (Melek-Tha), Kenji Siratori (Japonese Cyberpunk Writer), Gazy Andraus (Essence) and others. Soon the master CD will be sent to LEGATUS for the final masterization! Now Edgar are working in the very special artwork to the album! WAIT FOR THE BESTOF music and art of POSTHUMAN TANTRA!

Here the Art of the LEGATUS RECORDS flyer add:



The new partnership between POSTHUMAN TANTRA & legendary french death ambient act MELEK-THA are finished! The first limited edition (only 25 copies!)of the triple album called ASYLUM OF SLAVES will be inserted in an special alluminum metal box including also a VCD and 7 exclusive cards designed by Edgar Franco with some depressive e iluminated people that lives on Asylum of Slaves. If you have interest in to buy it, contact-me.

Here one card designed by Edgar Franco to "ASYLUM OF SLAVES" (to see more two cards go to art section).


Edgar Franco (RITUALART), mastermind of POSTHUMAN TANTRA design the cover art & lay out to the new GARGULA VALZER's CD, vampiric got rock from Brasil. The album was released by LEGATUS.

See here the cover artwork created by Edgar Franco, to get the CD visit : LEGATUS RECORDS.


POSTHUMAN TANTRA is beggining a new partnership with MELEK-THA to create a double album called "Asylum of SLaves", soon the band will initiate the creation of the tracks and 7 special cards to the album. The concept behind it is a obcure asylum with tortured peoples with visionary minds.

See the first artwork to the album created by Lord Evil (MELEK-THA):


Edgar Franco - mastermind of POSTHUMAN TANTRA - create a special illustration to the booklet of next album of the Swiss band TRANSZENDENZ. The band is an avantgarde and creative combo of dark EBM Ritual and the nex album "Oui~Ja (ncantaion)"will be release in 31.10.2006.


"The Kelemath Trilogy" partnership with MELEK-THA & POSTHUMAN TANTRA are finished. The saga includes 3 boxes with 9 CDs and one VCD. More than 10 hours of dark psychodelic obscure and deep ambient industrial music talking about an extraterrestrial invasion. The work includes too 24 cards designed by Edgar Franco (see some cards in arts section). The final chapter of the saga, the box set " Drums of War" is out now!


Edgar Franco are working in songs of to the first POSTHUMAN TANTRA pro full-lenght album. Some tracks will include special guests, - with participations of Lord Evil (MELEK-THA), Getulio Silenzio (GARGULA VALZER), Gazy Andraus (ESSENCE), Joaquim (ANJO EXTERMINADOR) & Fábio Bertegani. "Neocortex Plug-in". will be released in the beginning of 2007 by the label LEGATUS RECORDS.


GREAT NEWS! The european independent label LEGATUS RECORDS signed with POSTHUMAN TANTRA to the release of the first pro full-lenght album "Neocortex Plug-in". The album will be released in the beginning of 2007, including more than 10 inedit tracks and a very special artwork created by Edgar Franco.


Posthuman Tantra record some vocals to a special participation in the new MELEK-THA's album called "Schizophrenik Extermination Corporation", one track of Posthuman Tantra will be remixed by Lord Evil (mentor of MELEK-THA) to the album!


Posthuman Tantra's music are included in the soundtrack of the avantgarde digital poetry magazine-object/CD-ROM "NOÍSGRANDE". The magazine was thrown in a special event in Casa das Rosas, São Paulo. The soundtrack for the release was the album "Pissing Nanorobots" that played during the whole event!

See more about NÓISGRANDE.


The brazilian label SONOROS Records will be edit an inedit POSTHUMAN TANTRA's EP called "TeKnogenetiK AustralopiteKus" - it includes 6 new tracks (20 minutes). All tracks of the EP are inspired and dedicated to revolutionary cyber artists as STELARC, ROY ASCOTT, NATASHA VITA-MORE, MARK PAULINE & SRL, EDUARDO KAC, CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU. The EP will be limited in 101 copies.

Here the EP's cover art created by Edgar Franco:


Edgar Franco finished the tracks to the last chapter of KELEMATH's SCI-FI SAGA (partnership with french act MELEK-THA), the triple album called "Drums of War" will be out in next june - in special metallic box (same of 35mm movies), including a videorama and 4 round cards designed specally by Edgar Franco to the box.


Finnaly the second opus of the KELEMATH SAGA (MELEK-THA & POSTHUMAN TANTRA) called "Doctrines from The Kelemath New Empire" is out - it includes more than 3 hours of dark sci-fi music and 14 cards designed by me to the edition - the CDs are inserted in a special DVD Box and the edition is limited in 50 copies. To see images of two cards visit arts section , to buy your copy contact me:oidicius@hotmail.com


2 tracks of Posthuman Tantra's are included in the CD compilation encarted in the australian art magazine SILK MILK # 3. Tracks are taken from the first CD "Pissing Nanorobots" and the Box Set "Legion From Kelemath". To knew more about the interesting SILK MILK MAG visit the mag's site.

The bautiful cover art of the mag:


Out now the CD compilation "THE VEGETABLE MAN VOL. IV" - an italian project with 20 bands creating versions of the Syd Barrett's legendary song "The Vegetable Man". POSTHUMAN TANTRA's version "Homem Vegetal" was included in it! To see more about the project and buy the CD visit: www.oggettivolanti.it

See here the cover art of the compilation:


See two new pictures of Edgar Franco-( Posthuman Tantra's master) in the pics section!


See the art of two cards created by Edgar Franco to the second opus "Doctrines of the Kelemath New Empire" in the art section!


The second opus of the KELEMATH SAGA (MELEK-THA & POSTHUMAN TANTRA) called "Doctrines from The Kelemath New Empire". will be released next december - see the flyer of the Box Set! If you have interest in to reserv your copy e-mail-me oidicius@hotmail.com

If you have interest in to buy oneof of the 3 last copies of the first opus 3CD BOX SET "Legion From Kelemath" - please e-mail me.


See the cover art created by Lord Evil from MELEK-THA to our second opus "Doctrines from The Kelemath New Empire". I will create 14 special coloured cards to this second opus!


With the great response of the first partnership between POSTHUMAN TANTRA & MELEK-THA, we decided create a trilogy - the next step will be the double album "Doctrines From The Kelemath New Empire" - We are working in it. Wait for news!


See the card for the track "The Attack of Evil Minotaur Infantry" taking from the box set "Legion from Kelemath" in the art section!


The box set LEGION FROM KELEMATH was released in a very special edition, only 50 hand numbered copies! I will get some copies, if you have interest in one of them e-mail-me!


The label TOSOM didn´t will re-release the first album. One year of false promises... I'm very sad, but I will release a small edition (only 50 copies) - including the 14 special cards designed by the re-release.


See the image of one of the LEGION FROM KELEMATH's exclusive cards in the art's section!


If you have interest in to buy the special edition of our 3 CDs Sci-Fi album "LEGION FROM KELEMATH", please reserve your copy with the friend Lord Evil (mentor of MELEK-THA). This special edition will be printed in the beginning of september (only 50 copies) and Lord Evil already sold 25 copies.

This edition will be include:
A special metal box - the same of 35mm movies!
2 CDs + 1 CD bonus (only for this edition) -with more than 3 hours of music created by MELEK-THA & POSTHUMAN TANTRA- The concept behind the project is an Alien Invasion and the defeat of Earth.
6 cards designed by me.

Only 50 euros.

The e-mail of LORD EVIL is:




The Dark Sci- Fi saga "Legion From Kelemath" , projekt with legendary MELEK-THA , will be released in next september - it will be a very unique pack: Metal Box Set (limited to 50) including a lot of exclusive itens and 3 CDs with more than 3 hours of music! See the flyer image created by Lord Evil to the release:


Great news about POSTHUMAN TANTRA!!! I stopped momentarily the development of the next full-lenght album to work in a very special project: a work in partnership with the fabulous & legendary french act MELEK-THA - one of the most important death ambient bands of the world! We will release together an double album called "LEGION FROM KELEMATH", with a special sci-fi concept created by the genious mind of LORD EVIL (the master of MELEK-THA). We already began the creation of the music, and LORD EVIL create a very intense cover art to the album, see it:




8 new tracks of the next album "Neocortex Plug-in" are finished. We are seraching a label interested in release it!


The new POSTHUMAN TANTRA website is online now!


5 tracks of the next release are finished, "Neocortex Plug-in" will be an album more intense and climatic than the previous. I'm waiting the TOSOM label version of the "Pissing Nanorobots"...


I'm working in new songs for the next release, it will be called "Neocortex Plug-in". I record one track to the next TOSOM compilation, it has more than 8:00 minutes and is called "Gaya Umbilycal´s Cells" - a strange psychedelic ambient with dark whispers...


All artwork to the 14 Pissing Nanorobots' cards are finished, it is in the hands of the TOSOM label manager. The CD is coming!


The special "Pissing Nanorobots" CD that will be released by label TOSOM will include 14 cards with exclusive illustrations created by me (Edgar Franco) to the album.


The german label TOSOM will be released a special version of "Pissing Nanorobots" in the next year:




The first full-lenght CD-R "Pissing Nanorobots" are released - it includes 14 tracks inspired by the new posthuman aurora.