Read a new interview with Posthuman Tantra's mastermind to website ALLIANCE OF THORNS:

Entrevista com Edgar Franco ( Alliance of Thorns - em português).

Interview with Posthuman Tantra's in METALVOX:

An Interview with Edgar Franco ( Metalvox Mag - in english).

Entrevista com Edgar Franco ( Metalvox Mag - em português).

Some opinions about the first album "Pissing Nanorobots":

"I already listened your CD "Pissing Nanorobots" which i received today!!! You know, i´m a psychedlic man who listen and makes psychedelic sounds, but your sound is really psychedlic, and i like it. But don´t listen that in your car if you are driving. :)

...a masterpiece of psychedlic industrial stuff ..."

(MIKE - TRANSZENDENZ band & LEGATUS Records - Switzerland)


I really liked the noise from Cyber Hell - POSTHUMAN TANTRA - It remember me your art and illustrations, keep creating it!

(Felipe H. Machado - Independent artist & editor of the mag PERECIVEL - Brazil)


I liked the sound a lot, it serves perfectly as atmosphere for yours
artistic world and I don't know if that reflex was deliberate or natural.
In every case, the tracks are incredibly gloomy - still more for those than know your work and know about the ecumenical organic tecno-eroticism that is your mark!

(Feranando Real - Illustrator and Designer - DEBRIS - Brazil)


POSTHUMAN TANTRA is primal, and it is in one mental frequency that approaches of mine when I read artists as Druillet, Caza, Moebius, Bilal, etc, for me, it is sound landscapes that if turn so tactile when images!

(Joaquim Ghirotti - Vocalist of the industrial metal band ANJO EXTERMINADOR - Brazil)


POSTHUMAN TANTRA'S sound I would classify like a " Power Psychedelic Electronic". A quite intense disk! I would highlight some tracks as: "Biotech Cuca"; " Clonenborg Chamaleon's Body "; "Botcannibal" (the beat made me to remind of something); " Penetrate the Virgin Bioport " (eXistenZ???); " Plastic Godess " and " Genetic Mantra ". Also the graphic art is great, I admit to be a fan of your art.

(Fábio Bertegani - dark ambient/industrial/experimental expert - Brazil)


I liked a lot POSTHUMAN TANTRA, that CD crowns all your work that comes being done up to now, of this human mix between technologies and flesh and the humanity's mental renovation. The most incredible is that I felt, for the sound pulsations, that I had to read something of the type of philosophical fantastic comics, and I caught my own comic AlmaHQ. Really interesting: the climatization of the sound with my short comics is perfectly.

(Gazy Andraus - Comic artist and PHD researcher - HQMENTE - Brazil)


POSTHUMAN TANTRA is really very well executed and built on top of the thematic that could read in the material. One of the most interesting Brazilian projects that had the opportunity to listen in the last times and better still for being from Minas Gerais! My congratulations for the work!

(Uirajara - ESSENCE MUSIC label manager - Brazil)


I liked very much POSTHUMAN TANTRA and I think there is a great likeness with my work in EACH SECOND.

(Genilson Alves - EACH SECOND band - Brazil)